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A Walk In the Park

Walking group meetup starts May 2 at Malcolm X Park

WeWalkPHL is more than just a walk in the park! It's an experience! Walk leaders are there to greet & guide you. Let's celebrate health and wellness in Philadelphia one step at time! All are welcome.

Join us Every Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Meet at 51st and Larchwood Avenue entrance

Register Here

We Walk PHL is a joint effort of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (Get Healthy Philly), Fairmount Park Conservancy, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to establish walking groups in our city’s beautiful parks. Walking groups are FREE, open to people of all ages and abilities, and offered several times each week! Walks last for about an hour, but can be adapted to meet your needs.

We Walk PHL seeks to promote good health, increase use of Philadelphia’s park system, and create opportunities for people to know their neighbors.

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Oct 02, 2023

Just participated in my first walk last week and I'm so grateful to be connected to a group of really cool women with like minds. I needed this.

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